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Theophilus London: Flying Overseas (amazing!)

Fly overseas with Theophilus London

Thanks to Angela, the style maven and music blood sleuth for finding this via Darrin Lancaster. Theophilus London. This is from the album I WANT YOU which is a collection of “dark jams that restlessly examines the promise of love beyond lifestyle.” This is definitely UK indie pop with a touch of global influence – sexy with a bit of “I don’t know why but this makes me happy” in it. In a world of increasing online social connections – this is a song about living in the moment and flying overseas to sea places and people you love or want to love. More on this soon. And the shit is for free.

– Duncan Alney

Plunder My Soul: an unreleased, grinding piece of rollin’ stones goodness

“Exile on Main Street” is the album that reminds me a lot of being 19. When my buddy George T. and I drove around the street of Calcutta in an old Herald with songs  like ‘Rocks Off,’ ‘Tumbling Dice,’ ‘Sweet Black Angel’ and ‘Loving Cup’ playing so loud that people stopped to look as we drove by. Especially when we showed up at the Grand Hotel to go dance the night away at the Pink Elephant. So you can imagine I’m pretty excited that the album is being re-issued with all kinds of bonus materials, and listen to this shit – four unreleased tracks. The first of which is “Plundered My Soul”. It was only just been released a few days ago – interestingly enough on Record Store Day. This ain’t no late Jagger/Richards weak, lame, sadness. This is the Stones. Irreverent, bluesy, a grinding affair to say the least. Jagger at his confessional best says “my indiscretions made a bad impression” and “I thought that you wanted my lovin’/but it’s my heart that you stole”  – because clearly Jagger has done most of the humping around and heart breaking in the last 40 years. This is a new Jagger to me – “You were a trick up my sleeve, my ace in the hole.” The other three songs, ‘Dancing in the Light,’ ‘Pass the Wine’ and ‘Following the River’ will be released along with the album in a month or so. And thank god – they haven’t remastered or redone anything.

Which leaves one question unanswered – who broke Jagger’s heart?

– Duncan Alney

Plunder My Soul - who broke Jagger's heart?

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Spherical Ice: It’s what should be in your drink

(c) Uberzombi on Flickr

Cubes haven’t been cool in a while. And rocks that you chill, despite what non-drinkers will tell you, are definitely not acceptable. Who wants a chipped tooth from an actual rock in your scotch glass. Well, my bro Eli Anderson knows whats up and he tells me this “a 2 inch diameter ball of ice has less surface area to melt – its physics”. So for guys like me that appreciate their ultra-premium tequila or bourbon – this means more chillness and less liquid. For those of us that don’t have a master bartender’s apprentice to chisel spherical ice for us, try MOMA’s store.

The Black Hole: a very short film

A 30 something man, Charlie, is working the night shift. He is very tired and has had a long day already. Everyone else has gone home and he has a huge pile of copying to do, with important deadlines for the next day. He is dazed from sleep deprivation and spinning out a little from his coffee high, necking Pro Plus and washing it down with his 5th cup. The room is atmospherically lit with the sodium glow of florescent lighting and we get a real sense of repetition, monotony and a man who is completely bored with his job – on the edge of quitting but with nowhere else to go. Without warning the copier begins to shake and make strange noises, the scanner flashes repeating over and over, but nothing is coming out of the printer. Charlie is clearly annoyed, hitting the machine and punching buttons. The copier suddenly goes silent and still – Charlie throws his hands up in frustration. Out of desperation he kicks the copier and it spits out one A3 print of a large round black spot centred on the page. As he moves the paper his coffee cup falls into this black hole. Slowly he edges towards the copier – a low angle shot from the POV of the hole sees him step into frame. He peers over into the hole wondering where his coffee cup has gone. Inquisitively he rolls up his shirtsleeve and gingerly moves his hand towards the hole – his fingers twitch as they near the black ink. Unbelievably Charlie’s hand sinks straight into the printed page just like it was an Acme toy hole from a cartoon. He puts his arm further and further in until its right up to the elbow, fishing around for his coffee cup. The copier jerks to a halt – Charlie pulls his arm out with a sudden movement, slightly freaked out. The cup is in his hand – he clicks it a few times staring mystified at the hole. We now watch as Charlie discovers what other fun he can have with the hole. He sticks the piece of paper up on the vending machine and pulls out a bar of chocolate to eat. Charlie begins to think. What practical uses could this hole have – is there any way that he could make this gift from the photocopier gods work to his advantage. Will greed get the better of him?

Written by Philip Sansom & Olly Williams

Top Albums 2010 – our Q1 favorites

Who wants to wait till 2011 to find out about all the great music in 2010 so we’ve decided to release a list of our favorite albums of 2010 to date. Q1 was a good time to be listening! Here’s our picks along with a video/audio track for each. This doesn’t include anything released in April. If you think we’ve left something out. Please leave us a comment!

Albums to set you on fire - the best of 2010 so far

1. Interpreting the Masters Volume: A Tribute to Daryl Hall and John Oates – bird and the bee

2. Plastic Beach – the gorillaz

3. Broken Bells – broken bells

4. Scratch My Back – peter Gabriel

5. YES – k-os

6. Conditions – temper trap

7. Life is Sweet | Nice to Meet You – lightspeed champion

8. Talking To Me Talking To You – watson twins

9. Future Sons & Daughters – am

10. Soldier of Love – sade

11. Contra – vampire weekend

12. Heligoland – massive attack

13. Of the Blue Color of the sky – ok go

14. Teen Dream – beach house

– Duncan Alney

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Julian Casablancas: A portrait. No, really.

Known as the often drunk, interesting, Strokes man, Julian Casablancas has shed this mantle. He’s 31. He’s married. He’s got a kid. He’s got two dogs. And he’s got a new solo debut album, Phrazes for the Young, that he wrote and financed himself. It’s not what you might expect — complex and keyboard-heavy. And it’s catchy.

It will resonate in your head, long after you take the needle off the record. It’s been critically acclaimed (for good reason) and he’s been touring to support it. Standing inside the back office at Luna Music, last week, chatting on his phone, Julian looked uneffected by the line that curved around the block.

Clad in skin tight red leather pants, white high tops, black T, and an almost bomber looking brown jacket with his trade mark shaggy ’70s hairstyle, Casablancas is a lot of things. Johnny Depp could play him in a movie, or could have played him in a movie 15 years ago. All these people waiting for a glimpse, a signature, a smile and maybe a photo with the man. And let me tell you, Julian dispensed all of the above as if they were going out of style. “A picture with each of you?” he says to a group of shiny-eyed girls. There was no interview for Passionati, but 2 minutes for a photo before the crowds came in. I shot two frames. Here’s the one that I like.

Strokes front man - Julian Casablancas - promoting his solo debut at Luna Music, where community and music live. Photographed by Duncan Alney.

If you don’t know his music – this is tequila on the rocks. Don’t skimp. Buy the best you can. And do listen to “out of the blue”. Then you’ll know that Julian Casablancas has stolen your song, my song, our songs. And I’m not sure how he did it. But it’s a story I’ve lived, and know. Drink up baby. The song plays on.

– Duncan Alney

For our international Friends who can’t listen to Lala (bad Apple!)

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Emily Pinkerton: transnational & essential Andean alt-country

“I’ve lived around my true passions”

Emily Pinkerton's music influences range for Valparaiso, USA to Valparaiso, Chile

Emily Pinkerton marches to the sound of her own drum, or Guitarrón that is. She’s designed a life that is based on her true passions – music and languages. In addition to her significant accomplishments, she’s friendly, layered, and oh-so-easy to talk to. And this is a woman who’s performed with the Chieftans and Alejandro Escovedo to name a few, and has toured in both North and South America appearing at venues such as SXSW (TX), Sala América (Chile), Kamikaze (Peru), and Makor (NY). Grab some bourbon, sit back and enjoy the flight!

– Duncan Alney


The xx arrive in Bloomington today with a whole new sound of love, loss and longing.  Gingerly dodging the storm cloud of hype hysteria that plagues seemingly every other new buzz act of the moment, The XX are edging into our hearts. Here’s the video for the intro song “VCR”. My friend Todd Robinson says this was his favorite record of 2009 – for the rest of that means its still cool to be lovin’ this in 2010. The intro, into VCR, evokes a quitely emphatic tower-block cavalcade reminiscent of post-rock take on Mike Skinner’s first work, punctured before long by twinkling bedroom guitar whispers born from a monochrome palette and what the album’s producer terms “A belief that all space doesn’t need to be filled.” Sip this slowly on ice.

– Duncan Alney

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In Rotation April 4th 2010

Kenan Farrell’s Triple Scoop Playlist

Kenan's tasty triple scoop was created purely for Passionati

Casio Kids – Fot i Hose. Every good playlist starts with a Norwegian electro-pop quintet, right? @casiokids

Gorillaz (feat. Little Dragon) – Empire Ants. I was set on including a Damon Album song on the playlist. It was going to be Blur’s Yoku and Hiro but when it came down to it, this song is just great. John says the album is tits.

Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s – My Baby (Shoots Her Mouth Off). Okay, yes I’m several years late to the party, but I just started listening to this Indianapolis-based band. Actually, I ran into a couple of the guys recently and it turns out they broke up and have a new band, Pravada. So it goes.

A Camp – Golden Teeth and Silver Medals. A Camp is the solo project of Nina Persson, the Cardigans’ (“Love me, love me, say that you love me”) frontwoman. This track is a duet with cult Swedish singer Nikolai Dunger. Don’t they sound great together?

Ali Farka Toure, Toumani Diabate – Be Mankan. I only selected one track but go ahead and dig the whole album next time you’re in a groovin’ mood. This is soul music.

Carla Bruni – La noyee. Songwriter, singer, model, First Lady of France. She’s responsible for breaking up Mick Jagger and Donald Trump’s marriages, among others. Quite a remarkable lady and a very pleasant recent discovery. I put two of her tracks on this playlist but it could’ve easily been more.

Truth & Salvage – Jump the Ship. Good American rock ‘n roll, also featuring a local musician, Tim Jones. This track just has a really good vibe. According to one of the lead singers (the band has four), it’s about “being on the water.”

Grateful Dead – If I Had The World to Give. Definitely had to include a Dead tune, but I wanted it to be one that maybe everybody hadn’t heard. Jerry’s solo is sublime.”Let there be songs to fill the air.”

Metric – Gimme Sympathy. Metric always brings the heat. This tune also helps answer the ultimate rock ‘n roll question: Beatles or Rolling Stones?

The Avett Brothers – Find My Love. Their new album blew up last year, but the Avett Brothers also have a great back catalog. Here’s a really sappy song that I like.

Carla Bruni – Notre grand amour set mort. This track came out 6 years later than her other track above, and I think you can really hear it in her voice.  Experience, heartbreak. Can’t wait to hear her new albums (one in English, one in French) due out this summer.

The Doors – When the Music’s Over. When the weather gets warm, I pull out my Doors LPs. This is a perfect song to play at 11:53 PM on Dec. 20, 2012.

Hope you enjoy the tunes. Sharing music is one of my very favorite things to do, so if you like something you’ve heard here, find me on Lala. Peace.

You can follow Kenan Farrell on Twitter: @KLFLegal

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Who is Monarchy?

I don’t know who Monarchy is. But “The Phoenix Alive” is smashing

No speculation. Just good music. Turn it on.

Who is Monarchy?