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Luis Guzman Vs. Duck Sauce

This HBO ‘Made In America’ trailer is a great homage to Duck Sauce’s Barbara Streisand video (almost 62 million hits). Our boys A-trak/ Duck Sauce, Asher Roth with Bieber and Pusha-T are all in there.

F*ck Off Serious Music People – Psapp’s here

Psapp isn’t a band for the slavish, hipsters, especially not for people who like dreary art music (or anything that CMJ says is engaging), people who complain about busy they are, or tell you about their carbon footprint. Psapp embodies the ” if you think you’re cool – you’re probably not” sentiment. They’re serious music biz insiders with no interest in mainstream accolades or commercial attribution.

They’re funny.

They make handmade cats to toss into their audiences and they’re toytronica.

Enough words. Music

Dear Lana Del Ray, I’m in love (again)

I haven’t been this excited about an artist for a bit. She’s called Lana Del Rey. It’s her nom de plume. Her real name is Lizzy Grant and she’s from NYC. She’s a singer-songwriter-video director. It’s big pop. Gigantic actually powered by a heart breaking voice full of the right kind of yearning. According toStranger Records, Grant has said that her songs come from a “mixture of her love of David Lynch, Black and White ’50s movies, Coney Island hip-hop, and heartbreak.”

It haunts me and lifts me up. I’m in love again.

Mahna Mahna – Singularly (Birthday) Cake

Dude. No narrative necessary. Dedicated to Enzo.

Stalley – Sound of Silence