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Bra Inventory

Let’s be honest, it’s time for a bra inventory. 2014 is going to be a great year right? It high time you got yourself some new bras (and panties that match) to go with your 2014 swagger!

First thing you must do is go through your lingerie drawer. If there is anything you haven’t worn in six months it’s time to replace that item, start there. Once you’ve gone through everything don’t look at the pile and panic, don’t second guess. (I know you’re thinking that bra that fit you last January will still be your pal this January.) Not so. Bras lose their shape after a while. The elastic isn’t holding the way it did last year. Bras that don’t fit properly anymore are not your friend. Besides don’t you deserve a new bra or three? Yes!!!

Also, let 2014 be the year that your bra and panties match, pretty please. Spend the extra money on a fabulous new pair of undies that are the same color, and have the same lace as your pretty new bras. The first time you put them on together you’ll want to thank me!

Get excited when you do your bra inventory, out with the old and in with the new!