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Coldplay secretly releases “Midnight”

Coldplay released a new track earlier today at midnight Ulaanbator time. That’s the capital of Mongolia. First impressions: the track is gorgeous.

It’s a stripped down sound. Lovely electronica without a formula or traditional song structure. Chris Martin’s sincere voice is almost unrecognizable. In fact, this doesn’t sound like Coldplay – and yet you know it is.

Supposedly, this track will appear on the band’s next album. Well who cares. This is produced by Jon Hopkins. It’s more experimental than anything Eno has done with Coldplay recently. “Midnight” is an unhurried track that takes its time. Starting slowly and moving into a sweet spot – ever so insistently. And yet there are no characteristic Coldplay traits. No packing everything into one song. No over reliance on guitars.

And btw – I call bullshit on the Bon Iver comparisons. Rubbish. No explanation needed.

The music video is bad ass. I watched it several times. It must have been easy to shoot above L.A. but the negative affect works. It’s definitely worth the five minutes. Bravo Coldplay. Molto bravo.

The new single "midnight" at midnight, of course...