Scissor Sisters: Fire with Fire

Scissor Sisters first single Fire with Fire, produced by Stuart Price, might get you to slip on your dancin shoes.

Of course it sounds familiar, it’s the Scissor Sisters. Yeah, but listen a little closer and there’s a deep synth sound that can only have been inspired by the 80’s. Think Pet Shop Boys and Human League. That’s because the new SS album has been produced by Stuart Price. You might know his work under the moniker Jacques Lu Cont or Thin White Duke. He’s produced Madonna, The Killers, New Order, Kylie Minogue, Seal and Missy Elliot to name a few. The SS new album is due out on June 20. Get ready. This song requires a Ciroc and tonic with a few blackberries for later. Drink up!

BTW there’s a remix and the new video posted here!

Spherical Ice: It’s what should be in your drink

(c) Uberzombi on Flickr

Cubes haven’t been cool in a while. And rocks that you chill, despite what non-drinkers will tell you, are definitely not acceptable. Who wants a chipped tooth from an actual rock in your scotch glass. Well, my bro Eli Anderson knows whats up and he tells me this “a 2 inch diameter ball of ice has less surface area to melt – its physics”. So for guys like me that appreciate their ultra-premium tequila or bourbon – this means more chillness and less liquid. For those of us that don’t have a master bartender’s apprentice to chisel spherical ice for us, try MOMA’s store.

Bluto’s Spiced Rum Cider

Warm, spirited Cider = happiness

Bluto's Apple Cider

This weekend, my friend Bluto made some delicious Apple Cider and served it with Rum. It was a soothing, alcohol-based soup and it warmed the cockles of my heart. Here’s my official rating: Effing Delish.

You’ll Need:

  • Apples – try a mix of Red Delicious and Green Delicious. Note: use only sweet apples
  • Food Processor
  • Cheesecloth
  • Knife


  1. Use a blend of fresh apples
  2. You’ll need 36 apples to make a gallon
  3. Wash, core, slice, quarter, and puree the apples
  4. Pour the apples over the cheesecloth
  5. Boil the cider and then cool it down
  6. If you live in the US, add 2 to 3 cups of Red Hot Candy – Note: alternately you can use cinnamon sticks
  7. Add Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum 8. You can also try Nutmeg, Cloves, and Ginger in the mix. Amounts Once you’ve got your cider, taste test your way through the addition of the Red Hot/Cinnamon, Spiced Rum, and other spices.

– Duncan Alney

Cities: Philly and Pizza Love


I’m often asked by family members, acquaintances and the like, WHY (oh yes, in caps), OH WHY, DO YOU LIVE THERE?

Because – I LOVE PHILADELPHIA. Philly is a marvelous, magical place full of the most passionately crazed folk. Black, white, brown, blue, red, rainbow – we’ve got all types, all stripes. We’ve got spunk, fire, and, although a bit rough at times, we do appreciate great things.



Sports: Attend any sporting event, and you’ll see us in our primes. We know our teams, love our players, and hate them when they do wrong. As it should be…

History: Walk down any street in Old City, and you’ll likely collide with Mr. Franklin, or Ms. Ross, or any number of colonial folk strolling about. Plus, Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, Constitution Center, 1776

Libation: Belly up to any bar, and you just might make a friend while treating your taste buds to the brave new world of craft beer. See also: Philly BEER WEEK

Art: galleries, fantastic museums (including the Philadelphia Museum of Art: not just for Rocky’s training regime anymore), over 3,000 murals, fantastic local musicians…and…DID I MENTION THE FOOD?

From the chefs – Garces, Vetri, Mori-freakin-moto – and those are just a few – to the restaurants at every corner, each little Philly neighborhood is full of good places to eat, drink, and love our city. Which I do – often, and zestfully.

KD_pizzaOne of those delightful places, Rustica, is owned by my friends Frank and Mary Maimone – who asked me, one day, to join twitter on their behalf as another way to reach customers. And thus, “tweets from the biggest fan of the most unusual pizza and sandwiches,” aka @Rusticaphilly was born. Their artisanal pizza shop in Northern Liberties is a prime example of why Philly rocks. This isn’t just your typical large-plain-pie-half-pepperoni-all-mediocre place – this is a place where foodies flock; where pies like the Bistecca del Tartufo – truffled steak and caramelized onion (fancy a fancy cheesesteak, anyone? – because it’s also available as a sammie) and the Federico – pulled chicken, salsa verde, and fresh cilantro – are the norm. Specialty pies coupled with decadent sandwiches topped off with calzones (which, as a tweeter pointed out just last night – “are simply phenomenal!”) – Rustica’s food is, quite simply, delicious.

This little pizza gem is just one more reason I love Philadelphia. And tweeting about it and my journey as a citizen of this city is so much fun.

– Kate Dalbey (Click Kate’s name to follow her adventures via twitter) All City Photos by Gloria Bell.

An Homage to Frommage

So sue her. Elizabeth Gilstrap comes out about her pure creamy love for cheese.

So sue her. Elizabeth Gilstrap comes out about her pure creamy love for cheese.

During a recent chat over lattes, I made an apparent faux pax by revamping an old cliché: “Wow,” I said. “That’s the greatest thing since sliced Cheese*.” The quizzical looks and rolling of eyes could only mean one thing: these people were either in denial or clearly uninformed citizens. I mean, seriously. Who, in their right mind, could deny that a world without Cheese is like a world without bliss? Sure the USDA likes to tell us that Cheese belongs under the umbrella of “dairy” towards the tippy top of the nutritional pyramid, but since when do we look to Uncle Sam to give us guidelines for happiness?  If you ask me, it’s the foundation, baby. The foundation of a life spent enjoying all things good and Gorgonzola.

Think about it.  What’s macaroni without a blanket of creamy Cheddar? Or pizza without mounds of Mozzarella? Can you even imagine tart apple slices sans a delicate bath of velvety Swiss Gruyere? And while I prefer these pasteurized prizes in my belly, just saying their names can give me goose bumps. Asiago, Gouda, Chevre, Stilton, Brie, Taleggio, Manchego. Mmmm, lovely. And let’s not forget Cambozola: a delectable combination of French soft-ripened triple cream Cheese and Italian Gorgonzola. Two words for you, my friend: FOOD PORN.

To the non-believers who live vicariously through their iPhone nutritional pyramid app, consider this: Cheese goes with everything. Bread (there’s your serving of grains), nuts (kinda’ like legumes), fruit (better than veggies), olives (also a belly fat burner – win, win!), wine (no comment necessary) and prosciutto (that’s a food group, right? If not, it should be. Like bacon.)

To quote my Grandma Rose: Vivere, amare e mangiare formaggio. ‘Nuf said.

*The capitalization of Cheese and its proper Cheese names was purely intentional. All things omnipresent and kind deserve capitalization. (You can have your deities and I’ll have mine.  And you know I love me some Buddha with a hearty dose of Bleu.)

– Elizabeth Gilstrap

Hat1Life and laughter junkie, Elizabeth Gilstrap is a marketing diva by trade and an ardent music-film-travel-foodie at heart.

Yats Stop Motion Video

A stop motion short film based around the restaurant called ‘Yats’. Photographed in Indianapolis, IN on Friday August 14th, 2009 at the ‘Yats’ Broad Ripple location. This was a stop motion project to show a side of ‘Yats’ that many are familiar with. This project had NO video in it. It is over 1,500 pictures sequenced to tell a story.

Music: “Matt & KIM” – “Lessons Learned”

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