Bra Inventory

Let’s be honest, it’s time for a bra inventory. 2014 is going to be a great year right? It high time you got yourself some new bras (and panties that match) to go with your 2014 swagger!

First thing you must do is go through your lingerie drawer. If there is anything you haven’t worn in six months it’s time to replace that item, start there. Once you’ve gone through everything don’t look at the pile and panic, don’t second guess. (I know you’re thinking that bra that fit you last January will still be your pal this January.) Not so. Bras lose their shape after a while. The elastic isn’t holding the way it did last year. Bras that don’t fit properly anymore are not your friend. Besides don’t you deserve a new bra or three? Yes!!!

Also, let 2014 be the year that your bra and panties match, pretty please. Spend the extra money on a fabulous new pair of undies that are the same color, and have the same lace as your pretty new bras. The first time you put them on together you’ll want to thank me!

Get excited when you do your bra inventory, out with the old and in with the new!

Barely 40: To Match or Not to Match?

Barely 40 - Matching

While lingerie shopping with my best friend, I realized we had a major difference in opinion when it comes to whether or not bras and panties need to match. I was checking out the new fun summer colors my favorite bra brand had available. I was in love with their new apricot color – and, bonus, they had  them in my size! Hurray for me as I turned to show my  flashy  finds  to  my friend.

She just smiled and looked at her watch. “Ok,” I said, “just let me find the matching panties and we’ll be out of here.” She handed me a pair of white ones and said, “let’s go.”
Grabbing a pair of apricot panties, I reminded her that my bras and panties always have to match. She smiled again and said, “yeah, you’re ridiculous.”

Is it really ridiculous? I’ve always had to have my bra and panties match. I would feel like I had a mismatched pair of shoes on if they didn’t match. Yes, I understand the logic that no one is going to see them except me or my husband (if he’s lucky.) But I don’t care if I have to pay a little extra cash for the complete look. It just looks prettier. I’ve always said nothing makes a girl feel sexier than a new bra and panty set or a new pair of shoes.
So where do you stand on this? Does matching matter?

Derby Hats 2011 – The bigger the better

Our style maven, Margit Fawbush, brings us the scoop from Churchill Downs

The much anticipated first Saturday in May is a treat for people watchers and horse-racing fans alike. Yes, I love watching the ponies run (and placing a few bets as the Juleps grease my pocketbook), but mostly, I love the hats. Here are a few that stood out – both in a good way and well…it’s a matter of opinion. But I can tell you with confidence that these ladies looked long and hard for just the right chapeau and spent a pretty penny. And in honor of the die-hard Derby fans who take a more tongue in cheek approach – I’ve included a shot of a long-standing annual favorite – she’s got spunk!

Margit Fawbush is an aficionado of restaurant experiences, boutique hotels and is currently seeking the perfect Gin & Tonic.

Style Update: Death of the Gladiator

Misty Browning brings it – Dallas style

Have you heard the news…gladiator sandals are “in” again this season. When will the fashion gods realize that all those straps make our feet and ankles look like tied up sausages. Not exactly flattering. Ok ladies, let’s leave the gladiators for Hollywood’s sexy leading men and focus on what looks best on us individually. Perhaps a lovely wedge – it elongates and slims. Or how about a cute top-sider – a little too frat boy for the guys but very chic for the girls.  Don’t want to forget my fave – platform peeps.  Anything to make me taller!

Gladiators like this are out baby!

Just because a trend is the talk of the catwalk, that does not mean you must own it. Many of the catwalk superstars are unflattering for most and there is nothing worse than trying to pull off something you are uncomfortable wearing.

So I challenge you with this…close your magazines with glossy ads and must-have checklists. Instead take a look around at the people you see on the streets in every day life.  See someone with a fierce look?  Snap a sneaky pic (or just ask permission) then add your personal spin to it. Learn to continuously reinvent your basics with tweaks that make a statement. Or if budget allows, create an entirely new look.  Who would you like to muse?

Misty Browning joins the Passionati crew for monthly style updates via Dallas

Misty Browning’s is a Dallas-based bon vivant. Her avocations are fashion, vino, and witty banter. Her vocation is marketing. Follow her @misty55. Look for vibrant monthly style updates from Misty.