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On the Corner: Paris

Miles Davis - On The Corner

My friend Robin is a New Orleans cellist, music ethnography scholar and community arts activist. Nine times out of 10 her music recommendations change my life. (I met my husband backstage at a Dirty Dozen Brass Band concert she organized.) Last week she shared this link from a concert she’d been invited to attend in Paris.

This skillfully produced live footage from Cite de la Musique is a gem. Legendary jazz musicians commune with the spirit of 1970s-era Miles Davis in this gem of live concert footage.

Tabla player Badal Roy mesmerizes with melodic percussion. Saxophonist Dave Liebman portrays uninhibited genius—arrogant, subtly awkward, human and vulnerable. His performance makes listeners believe a similar creative energy rushes just beneath the surface—ready to spring forth—in every one of us.

Don’t sleep: the footage will only be available through February 20, 2010.The entire show is 1 hour, 44 minutes and worth every second.

On the Corner: Paris

– Emily Peláez

Emily writes about Belgian beer, gardening, mood music and vegetarian culinary experimentation.