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The National: High Violet

One of the year’s best

So when you listen to The National, you’re likely to get addicted to the seemingly dark, contemplative and sometimes spacey – sometimes lush music. Your next question might be how did I miss these guys before. Matt Berninger and his band are feelin’ pretty good these days. They’re kickin’ the rubbish that usually dominates the charts. Yeah that’s over-produced crap from Justin Bieber and Lady Ga Garbage. They’ve got a tour with dates selling out already. This Brooklyn-based band is verging on the big time. If you’ve been with Passionati for a few months, you’ll remember we featured St. Vincent and The National’s track “Sleep all Summer”. They’re how I feel these days – cautiously happy, and prone to sudden visually exuberant. Listen, I’ve said it before. Tune in. Turn on.

And if you need further validation, it’s also my friend Todd Robinson’s pick for the month. Yeah that Todd. From Luna.

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Top Albums 2010 – our Q1 favorites

Who wants to wait till 2011 to find out about all the great music in 2010 so we’ve decided to release a list of our favorite albums of 2010 to date. Q1 was a good time to be listening! Here’s our picks along with a video/audio track for each. This doesn’t include anything released in April. If you think we’ve left something out. Please leave us a comment!

Albums to set you on fire - the best of 2010 so far

1. Interpreting the Masters Volume: A Tribute to Daryl Hall and John Oates – bird and the bee

2. Plastic Beach – the gorillaz

3. Broken Bells – broken bells

4. Scratch My Back – peter Gabriel

5. YES – k-os

6. Conditions – temper trap

7. Life is Sweet | Nice to Meet You – lightspeed champion

8. Talking To Me Talking To You – watson twins

9. Future Sons & Daughters – am

10. Soldier of Love – sade

11. Contra – vampire weekend

12. Heligoland – massive attack

13. Of the Blue Color of the sky – ok go

14. Teen Dream – beach house

– Duncan Alney

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