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Dov Samuel: My Top 5 Films

5 films you can’t miss from Dov Samuel

Top 5 films you can't miss

Not all of my top 5 films are necessarily what you would find on a list of the all time greatest films.  I could teach a film class and list off the greatest films of all time, but you can find that on line and there’s already been plenty written about all those films.  Here’s my list in alphabetical order.

1.  Blue Velvet

2.  Chungking Express

3.  Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

4.  North By Northwest

5.  The Wild Bunch

– Dov Samuel

Dov Samuel knows film. Like a fat kid knows cake. He's a sensitive storyteller and believe me, you know his work.

Dov Samuel is an editor. He’s worked on the X-Men series, Super Bad, The Interpreter, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and the soon to be released The Hungry Rabbit Jumps. Born in Toronto, he lives in LA with his wife, Belle, and their daughter, Charlotte.