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The xx: Crystalized

Are you ready for The xx’s quiet revolution: the time it will be webized

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The xx has kicked my ass. It’s been a long time since I heard something that stopped me from doing anything else.  They’re getting buzz for doing something so strange in the music world these days – making frickin’ beautiful gimmick-free music. They’re not relying on slick production values, overly styled fashion, in-your-face Kardashian antics, or sultry dance moves. They’re a failure on all those fronts yet their music is quietly invasive, non-chalantly seductive, and appealing (with their arrangements, melodies, and thematic choices). You’re going to hear a lot more from me about The xx. The guitar is heavily reminiscent of The Cure and the ambient elemental sound of Jesus & Mary Chain, yet they’re soulful and list R&B as a significant influence (including a killer cover of Aaliyah’s “Hot like fire”).

Nuff now check out the videos of the track “Crystalized”.

– Duncan Alney