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RIP Dennis Hopper: Born To Be Wild

Dennis - we'll always love you

Man I’ve loved Dennis Hopper most of my life. Born to be wild. Dennis Hopper lived hard and he burned bright. Here’s some of the memorable and funny things he said.

Like all artists I want to cheat death a little and contribute something to the next generation.

I’ve been a Republican since Reagan. I voted for Bush and his father. I don’t tell a lot of people, because I live in a city where somebody who voted for Bush is really an outcast.

I should have been dead ten times over. I’ve thought about that a lot. I believe in miracles. It’s an absolute miracle that I’m still around.

On his 8-day marriage to Michelle Phillips The first seven were pretty good.

The alcohol was awful. I was a terrible alcoholic. I mean, people used to ask how much drugs I did. I said, ‘I only do drugs so I can drink more’. I was doing the coke so I could drink more. I mean, I don’t know any other reason. I’d start drinking in the morning. I’d drink all day long.

I made a picture called Super Mario Bros, and my six-year-old son at the time said, “Dad, I think you’re probably a pretty good actor, but why did you play that terrible guy King Koopa inSuper Mario Bros?” and I said, “Well Henry, I did that so you could have shoes”, and he said, “Dad, I don’t need shoes that badly”.