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DJ Rekka’s special mix

Rekka mixed this killer mix up for Passionati

“The mix is a compilation of a lot of my favorite songs remixed into an energetic, fun way with some current beats. I can honestly say these are all global classic tracks that will forever bring back great memories regardless of demographic. Old school to teach the new school.”

DJ Rekka is quietly confident, contemplative and analytical. Perhaps not words that you’d expect to be used to describe one of the hottest DJ’s in the country. I met Rekka at a massive dance party fundraiser – he mixed in classic tracks with edgy dance tracks, always listening, watching the audience, clearly focused on keeping the party moving – while he held court in the massive ballroom of a downtown luxury hotel. Frankly, he wasn’t there to party but to be the catalyst that every great party needs – that persona that brings a combination of demographic sensitivity, rhythm, and pop instincts mixed within a sly relishing of the power that holding court over the dance floor inherently brings. To be fair, Rekka is more than a catalyst. He is a part of the reaction – his cocktails infuse old and new school – in a deeply tasty mix. Turn this on and see for yourself.

Thanks Rekka for putting this together for us!

The Special Mix 2010 by DJ Rekka

– Duncan Alney