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Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

When it comes to enjoying life’s unique pleasures, there’s one that I have especially perfected over the years. Sleep. Not the kind where you hit the sack because your eyes won’t stay open any longer. I’m talkin’ bout the sleep you long for throughout the day. Where you pine for your pillows and your blankets beckon from afar like sultry seductresses.

Now I know everyone has an opinion about sleep: 6 hours or 8 hours? Back, belly or side? Which side of the bed is best? But I don’t pay much attention to these analytical musings. I prefer to ponder things more aesthetic. Pillow-top mattresses…room-darkening blinds…bed-warmers….ahhh. Heaven.

This kind of sleep adoration has been integral to my lifestyle for as long as I can remember. And I have no problem being the Pied Piper of Zzzzz’s, instructing snooze-loving sidekicks in the art of irresistible repose.

Note: If you are the type to “power nap”, you’ll

want to stop reading now. The following details will be lost on your hyperactive, over-stimulated little brain. (And to whomever coined the phrase “power nap”…shame on you.)

First, let’s talk sheets. Pick your passion – 600 thread count Egyptian cotton, flannel, satin – whatever makes you smile when you caress it, fully knowing that your entire body will soon be consumed by it. And make sure they really fit your mattress. No bunching allowed. It’ll mess with your sleepy-time mojo.

Next is pillows. They’re a little like martinis. One is definitely not enough and two is perfect. Three or four? Now you’re just being naughty.

Room atmosphere? Think cool and dark…like Samuel Jackson. Make the room as dark as possible. I’m a big fan of room-darkening shades. They keep the morning light from piercing your eyelids like daggers from hell. As for room temperature? 63 degrees. Max. The cooler the room, the better the snuggle time.

And let’s not forget one of the most important elements…my favorite F word. FAN. The ultimate white noise, gentle-breeze-across-your-face device since palm fronds. In fact, if you’re like me, you have one in every size for every occasion: a travel size for those out-of-town trips at a hotel; a giant box fan for the summer time (to drone out rowdy cicadas and those chirpy, 5:00 am feathered friends), and a nice oscillating fan for winter time to minimize direct blasts.

And speaking of winter, one final must-have is a bed-warmer. Not an electric blanket, my friends. But a lovely, heated bed-warmer that goes over your mattress and under your sheets. You wouldn’t step into a freezing cold shower and wait for the water to heat up, would you? Then why in the world would you jump into a freezing cold bed instead of a toasty warm bed? Trust me. Invest in one. You’ll sleep happily ever after.

– Elizabeth Gilstrap


Life and laughter junkie, Elizabeth Gilstrap is a marketing diva by trade and an ardent music-film-travel-foodie at heart.