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Plunder My Soul: an unreleased, grinding piece of rollin’ stones goodness

“Exile on Main Street” is the album that reminds me a lot of being 19. When my buddy George T. and I drove around the street of Calcutta in an old Herald with songs  like ‘Rocks Off,’ ‘Tumbling Dice,’ ‘Sweet Black Angel’ and ‘Loving Cup’ playing so loud that people stopped to look as we drove by. Especially when we showed up at the Grand Hotel to go dance the night away at the Pink Elephant. So you can imagine I’m pretty excited that the album is being re-issued with all kinds of bonus materials, and listen to this shit – four unreleased tracks. The first of which is “Plundered My Soul”. It was only just been released a few days ago – interestingly enough on Record Store Day. This ain’t no late Jagger/Richards weak, lame, sadness. This is the Stones. Irreverent, bluesy, a grinding affair to say the least. Jagger at his confessional best says “my indiscretions made a bad impression” and “I thought that you wanted my lovin’/but it’s my heart that you stole”  – because clearly Jagger has done most of the humping around and heart breaking in the last 40 years. This is a new Jagger to me – “You were a trick up my sleeve, my ace in the hole.” The other three songs, ‘Dancing in the Light,’ ‘Pass the Wine’ and ‘Following the River’ will be released along with the album in a month or so. And thank god – they haven’t remastered or redone anything.

Which leaves one question unanswered – who broke Jagger’s heart?

– Duncan Alney

Plunder My Soul - who broke Jagger's heart?

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