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Flame & Citron is compelling, stunning cinema

Stylish and yet retains gritty period realism

In the mood for a war film? Flame & Citron is based on the lives of two Danish resistance fighters. Wel,l okay, they’re assassins. Nazi assassins mostly. The two central characters have real chemistry and the performances are compelling. Mads Mikkelsens’ quirky Citronen, a nervously energetic, emotionally charged man and his partner, the red-haired, cool-headed Flammen (Thure Lindhardt). The film is stylish and yet retains gritty period realism – yet its dreamy and noir-ish. The film is full of the politics we rarely see depicted in a convincing way in world war II films, double cross, intrigue, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, and even a femme fatale. The leading men have relationship problems and this frankly makes the film more believable. There is no glamor in this story, and there are frayed and broken relationships strewn everywhere – but this is a film about Nazi occupied Denmark. Think “Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid”, or really more accurately the stylish “Bonnie & Clyde”. Its a stunning film and is based on a true story.

Duncan Alney is equally inspired by Wyclef Jean, Brian Eno, and Kieslowski. He’s living the American Dream with his wife Angela and their cats Boogie, Pookie and Zooie.