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Duncan’s “In Rotation” Playlist

In Rotation 1/31

So the emphasis, for this inaugural “in rotation” playlist, is on music that I’ve been checkin’ out. Even though this week’s list has some pretty well established acts on it (there’s some even newer stuff that I’m pretty excited about, but I want to listen a little longer before I put it on the list). This week’s list has some killer stuff on it. We’ll start with a classic old track from Leonard Cohen, “Dance Me To The End Of Love”, that I can’t seem to get enough of. You’ll want to check out Shilpa Ray’s “Beating St. Louis” and “The Devil In You” from The Watson Twins (both of who, of course, I had the pleasure of interviewing recently, not to mention that The Watson Twins are droppin’ a new album in a couple of weeks). Ringo Starr’s “Walk With You”, with the amazing impromptu chorus back up vocals by Paul McCartney, “Always On My Mind” by Elvis Presley from Elvis 75, and Freedy Johston’s “Don’t Fall In Love With A Lonely Girl” are all solid tracks. And to round it out, “Don’t Make ‘Em Like U No More” from Ruben Studdard, “Another Likely Story” from Au Revoir Simone, “Run” from Vampire Weekend (which is deeply reminiscent of Paul Simon’s Graceland), and “I Want You So Bad I Can’t Breathe” from OK Go (which I effin’ love for all kinds of reasons). Check it out baby!

– Duncan

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Freedy Johnston: Free MP3 Download of Don’t Fall in Love With a Lonely Girl

Freedy Johnston

I haven’t listened to Freedy Johnston in a while. The album is good but this song jumped out at me. “Don’t fall in love with a lonely girl” isn’t about a lonely girl in the traditional sense, but more about the affects of this girl has. You want to think that she’s a lonely girl but she as girl that causes loneliness. The song has a happy sound, yet its sad, almost to the point of devastation. Almost, if only it didn’t sound so good. “I should say good bye, believe me, I’ve tried and tried and tried and tried and tried.” Good advice huh?

Freedy on tour
January 19, 2010  New York,  NY City Winery record release party
January 21, 2010  Minneapolis,  MN Bryant Lake Bowl 10p
January 22, 2010  Chicago,  IL Schubas
January 23, 2010  Rock Island,  IL Ribco February 12, 2010  St. Louis,  MO Wood House Concert
February 18, 2010  Philadephia,  PA World Cafe Live 7:30p, downstairs

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