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Cities: Philly and Pizza Love


I’m often asked by family members, acquaintances and the like, WHY (oh yes, in caps), OH WHY, DO YOU LIVE THERE?

Because – I LOVE PHILADELPHIA. Philly is a marvelous, magical place full of the most passionately crazed folk. Black, white, brown, blue, red, rainbow – we’ve got all types, all stripes. We’ve got spunk, fire, and, although a bit rough at times, we do appreciate great things.



Sports: Attend any sporting event, and you’ll see us in our primes. We know our teams, love our players, and hate them when they do wrong. As it should be…

History: Walk down any street in Old City, and you’ll likely collide with Mr. Franklin, or Ms. Ross, or any number of colonial folk strolling about. Plus, Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, Constitution Center, 1776

Libation: Belly up to any bar, and you just might make a friend while treating your taste buds to the brave new world of craft beer. See also: Philly BEER WEEK

Art: galleries, fantastic museums (including the Philadelphia Museum of Art: not just for Rocky’s training regime anymore), over 3,000 murals, fantastic local musicians…and…DID I MENTION THE FOOD?

From the chefs – Garces, Vetri, Mori-freakin-moto – and those are just a few – to the restaurants at every corner, each little Philly neighborhood is full of good places to eat, drink, and love our city. Which I do – often, and zestfully.

KD_pizzaOne of those delightful places, Rustica, is owned by my friends Frank and Mary Maimone – who asked me, one day, to join twitter on their behalf as another way to reach customers. And thus, “tweets from the biggest fan of the most unusual pizza and sandwiches,” aka @Rusticaphilly was born. Their artisanal pizza shop in Northern Liberties is a prime example of why Philly rocks. This isn’t just your typical large-plain-pie-half-pepperoni-all-mediocre place – this is a place where foodies flock; where pies like the Bistecca del Tartufo – truffled steak and caramelized onion (fancy a fancy cheesesteak, anyone? – because it’s also available as a sammie) and the Federico – pulled chicken, salsa verde, and fresh cilantro – are the norm. Specialty pies coupled with decadent sandwiches topped off with calzones (which, as a tweeter pointed out just last night – “are simply phenomenal!”) – Rustica’s food is, quite simply, delicious.

This little pizza gem is just one more reason I love Philadelphia. And tweeting about it and my journey as a citizen of this city is so much fun.

– Kate Dalbey (Click Kate’s name to follow her adventures via twitter) All City Photos by Gloria Bell.