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Hanni El Khatib: “abundant garage punk swagger”

“Hard to believe that only one man can pack this much heat.” – NYLON

“Hanni El Khatib’s sound is a blistering barrage that you’d expect from a former San Francisco skate punk, recently transplanted to LA. Perhaps the closest comparison is to a “De Stijl”-era Jack White, if he had claimed lineage from the Stax catalog instead of Son House.” – LA TIMES

“Bathed in crimson light, these two men filled the giant theater with the kind of music you’d want at the beginning of a bar fight or when Clint Eastwood rode into town with a knife in his boot. Peppered with dark tales of violent love, betrayal, and a city that’s “dirty as fuck,” this was the kind of sound that crawled up your leg and made your hair stand on end.” – LA WEEKLY

“L.A.’s Hanni El Khatib proved there’s plenty of life left in the guitar/drums duo gimmick. Especially when it’s attacked with abundant garage punk swagger.” BOSTON HERALD

Wilcox Sessions – Hanni El Khatib (Dead Wrong) from Wilcox Sessions on Vimeo.

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