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Don Alney’s POV: Himachal Pradesh – a Dream from a Poem

Village Headman's Wife by Don Alney

My Himachal odyssey is complete, and I head for Chandigarh to catch my flight home.

I reflect on my fleeting sojourn through this state in India, and softly, very softly, like a paper lantern on a night wind, I relive my journey, my eyes feelin disconnected to my body, yet linked to my heart. I realise that I have been exposed to an awe-inspiring kaleidoscope of scenic splendour, serenity, and serendipity. I have seen the sparkle and heard the murmur of mountain streams. I have walked on narrow pathways through lush forests exploding in a thousand shades of green. I have watched glorious sunsets behind towering peaks. I have stood in ancient temples and heard the haunting whispers of their timeless silence. However, my most deeply cherished memories of Himachal are the laughter and camaraderie, the graciousness, and the warm hospitality of its gentle and happy people, which I was privileged to share.

And somewhere in Himachal, I lost my heart.

by Don Alney

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