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HTDW: Provocative, Otherworldy Pop

Those already familiar with HTDW, AKA Tom Krell through the self-released, widely lauded “Can’t See My Own Face” EP from earlier in the year will already be aware of his dense, disturbed compositions and truly beautiful voice. Those who are not should prepare themselves for obsession. Leading up to debut album proper “Love Remains”, due for North American release through Lefse on September 21st 2010, “Ecstasy With JoJo / Take It On” sees Krell continue to produce his devastating brand of otherworldly pop at pace, organizing his stirring, intense vocal harmonies into dense, provocative melodies and textures that glow with powerful humanity.

Abstract and yet unmistakably informed by mainstream pop and R’n’B, his compositions are sonically alien in their unique mood and atmosphere but emotionally resonant and immediate in the very real feeling  they suggest.  How To Dress Well is music that fully understands the nature of how such feeling is experienced – never in clarity, but in total absorption and chaos of the senses. We are overwhelmed by love, held captive by desire, buried under loss. As such, “Ecstasy With JoJo” is a ghostly party jam boasting a dance floor wrecking sample that is foggy and warped but in a way that only further magnifies its joyful energy. Likewise, flip-side “Take It On is more mournful and brooding but its tension serves only to create space for Krell’s miraculous vocal acrobatics. In short, this is potent, unafraid, seductive modern pop music that will swallow your heart whole if you only submit to it.

Listen to “Ecstasy With JoJo” here

Listen to “Take It On” here

– Duncan Alney