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In Rotation April 4th 2010

Kenan Farrell’s Triple Scoop Playlist

Kenan's tasty triple scoop was created purely for Passionati

Casio Kids – Fot i Hose. Every good playlist starts with a Norwegian electro-pop quintet, right? @casiokids

Gorillaz (feat. Little Dragon) – Empire Ants. I was set on including a Damon Album song on the playlist. It was going to be Blur’s Yoku and Hiro but when it came down to it, this song is just great. John says the album is tits.

Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s – My Baby (Shoots Her Mouth Off). Okay, yes I’m several years late to the party, but I just started listening to this Indianapolis-based band. Actually, I ran into a couple of the guys recently and it turns out they broke up and have a new band, Pravada. So it goes.

A Camp – Golden Teeth and Silver Medals. A Camp is the solo project of Nina Persson, the Cardigans’ (“Love me, love me, say that you love me”) frontwoman. This track is a duet with cult Swedish singer Nikolai Dunger. Don’t they sound great together?

Ali Farka Toure, Toumani Diabate – Be Mankan. I only selected one track but go ahead and dig the whole album next time you’re in a groovin’ mood. This is soul music.

Carla Bruni – La noyee. Songwriter, singer, model, First Lady of France. She’s responsible for breaking up Mick Jagger and Donald Trump’s marriages, among others. Quite a remarkable lady and a very pleasant recent discovery. I put two of her tracks on this playlist but it could’ve easily been more.

Truth & Salvage – Jump the Ship. Good American rock ‘n roll, also featuring a local musician, Tim Jones. This track just has a really good vibe. According to one of the lead singers (the band has four), it’s about “being on the water.”

Grateful Dead – If I Had The World to Give. Definitely had to include a Dead tune, but I wanted it to be one that maybe everybody hadn’t heard. Jerry’s solo is sublime.”Let there be songs to fill the air.”

Metric – Gimme Sympathy. Metric always brings the heat. This tune also helps answer the ultimate rock ‘n roll question: Beatles or Rolling Stones?

The Avett Brothers – Find My Love. Their new album blew up last year, but the Avett Brothers also have a great back catalog. Here’s a really sappy song that I like.

Carla Bruni – Notre grand amour set mort. This track came out 6 years later than her other track above, and I think you can really hear it in her voice.  Experience, heartbreak. Can’t wait to hear her new albums (one in English, one in French) due out this summer.

The Doors – When the Music’s Over. When the weather gets warm, I pull out my Doors LPs. This is a perfect song to play at 11:53 PM on Dec. 20, 2012.

Hope you enjoy the tunes. Sharing music is one of my very favorite things to do, so if you like something you’ve heard here, find me on Lala. Peace.

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In Rotation March 7th 2010

Slick Rick's "Street Talkin' Featuring OutKast is on this week's In Rotation

So light is her footfall – Air: The French duo is back in effect with this song from a few months ago. The video features a femme fatale and her metaphorical panther shadow.

Candy – Paulo Nutini (recorded live at Preservation Hall): A happy song that asks for the most basic pleasure – candy.

Starman – Culture Club: Fantastic. Most people can’t cover Bowie credibly but George O’Dowd does it with soul.

Sidi Ifni – Cracker: David Lowery and Johnny Hickman are quintessential American rockers. This song has been recorded in an exclusive live performance for Passionati that will be on the site next week.

All the Young Dudes – Mott the Hoope: Written by David Bowie, this track is not a happy song about young guys hangin’ out. But if that makes you happy, don’t let this stop you.

Go down swingin’ – John Hiatt: What can I say. Solid music from the heartland. Good for you. Better than grits. Possibly as good as hash browns slathered with ketchup.

Flume – Peter Gabriel: Peter Gabriel covering Bon Iver. Sheer genius. Off an album called Scratch my Back.

Slumdog Millionaire by Toussaint St. Jean, Cyndi Lauper and Wyclef: Guaranteed to get you dancin’.

The Seed – The Roots with Cody Chestnutt: Refered to as “the jammingest rap track ever”, this is really a rock and roll song with Cody Chestnut (who originally recorded it) and a bit of funk and hip hop.

Street Talkin’ – Slick Rick featuring Outkast: “Don’t try to claim things I haven’t earned honest, man, Slick Rick and Outkast is on this jam.”

– Duncan Alney

To order any of this music, please go to Luna Music! Click this link below.