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Jason Mraz: Video Review by Mark Juleen

The Apartment Nerd on Jason Mraz’s live album – Beautiful Mess: Live on Earth

Jason Mraz - accessible, poppy, mainstream, and good for you

Mark Juleen, apartment nerd and music afficianado, is back with the basics. This time it’s a first for Passionati – a video interview. Thanks Mark for the interview and for not killing anyone while you were drivin’ ;). Jason Mraz’s Live album “Beautiful Mess – Live on Earth”. We’re not snob. Louis Armstrong said “Good music is what you like”. We’re not success haters. We live in the mainstream. We like good melodies and catchy music. We love Cat Power, Rufus Wainright, and Jason Mraz. All great song writers that make people happy. Check out Mark’s video review of the album and here’s a couple of bonus videos as well.

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