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John Mayer’s new sound is reminiscent of Room For Squares?

John Mayer released his highly anticipated follow up to Continuum on Nov. 17Battle Studies.  The first single, “Who Says”, has some critics saying he’s “too pop” this time around.  Over the past decade fans of John Mayer have seen him turn to the blues, we’ve seen him hit the tabloids, and we’ve been able to enjoy this ride.  While John may not be the sound of choice for the masses, I believe we all have to admit he has a ton of talent and this record (“pop” or not) has a nice mix of old John, new John, and blues John.  John Mayer is a song writer first and foremost, so listening to what he has to say is always an experience.

Editor’s Update: Here’s the new story on John Mayer’s thoughts on the new album “Battle Studies” – it has a video too!

– Mark Juleen