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In Rotation March 14th 2010

Cheers to Duncan for letting me be the guest in-rotationist for Passionati this week.  Let’s do this!

bear like mouse a.k.a. Justin Keller brings his bad ass mix to Passionati's In Rotation

Okay, we’re starting off with a little Bombay Bicycle Club, a British indie rock band whose song “Always Like This” teeters between your poppy-er singer/songwriting dudes and a blissful, soaked-in-reverb chorus soaked-in-reverb that smacks of Bloc Party.  The Antlers, whose album, ‘Hospice,’ was #1 on my way-too-long Top Albums of 2009 list.  “Sylvia” is a reference to Sylvia Plath, who- in this case- is a reference overarches across this whole concept album that’s about his relationship with his terminally ill girlfriend.  Total bummer, right?  Up next is Toro Y Moi.  This kid is 23 and, despite his age, draws on a lot of seventies influences and makes them hyper-relevant with some Atlas Sound and Animal Collective stylings.  After him you’ll have some dub-step dropped on you by DJ/Rupture and Matt Shadetek, featuring Elizabeth Alexander, the poetess that spoke at the Obama inauguration.  Another 23-year-old, Florence Welch (AKA Florence and the Machine), put out a really diverse and really, really awesome album called “Lungs” last year.  It’s like, damn, that girl can wail. A prime example of said wailing is the hyperbolic anthem, ‘The Dog Days Are Over’.  Moving on… You know The XX?  Well Phantogram sounds a lot like like them but with the DJ from Public Enemy and a far less wimpy sound.  Time to slow it up with Ida Maria’s, “Keep Me Warm.”  And then please allow The Album Leaf (AKA Jimmy LaValle) to soothe the shit out of you.  Once they’ve done that, how about Cambridge, MA’s, Arms and Sleepers, does it some more with their opium-inflused, Parisian-sounding trip-hop.   On to the final stretch…  Moderat (whose appellation is a smoosh of Modeselektor + Apparat; the two separate artists that comprise Moderat) gets things a whole lot sexier (wait, maybe that’s sadder?) with “Out Of Sight”; which was prossibly (possibly + probably) my favorite track of 09.  And to bring my guestiness here on Passionati to a crashing end, Chicago’s 3-piece instrumental powerhouse/thinktank, Russian Circles with “When the Mountain Comes to Mohammad.” This cut starts with a dirge-like guitar loop and escalates into quaking drums and buzzsaw bass in its massive ending.  I hope you enjoy and thank you for letting me high-five your ear drums!

You can follow Justin on Twitter: @justinkeller


To order any of this music, please go to Luna Music! Click this link below.

Is Shilpa Ray the horny Frank Sinatra*

Shilpa Ray & the happy hookers

** Watch the interview to find out the story behind her potential new moniker! It’s certainly catchier than the vulgar Ella Fitgerald.

I wasn’t prepared for Shilpa Ray. She’s funny, real, friendly, and incredibly smart. As an Indian, should I expect any less of a Bengali woman whose parents lived less than a mile from where my parents live? My friend Justin Keller, a certified bad ass, insisted I check her out. And so I went. With an open mind. Shilpa and I chatted. We bonded. She’s been called the vulgar Ella Fitzgerald and I’ve got to say that maybe the horny Frank Sinatra fits better. Or maybe just old brown eyes, after all they’re both from Jersey. Just goes to show that you can spend your life learning harmonium, and realize that you were made for raw, permanently visceral vocals backed by a sleazy jazz band mixed with power punk meets just right music. The little club was filled with the power that is Shilpa Ray. I’ve met powerful Indian women – doctors, teachers, politicians, engineers, entrepreneurs – but none can match the shamanesque entrancement that Shilpa oozes. She is not here to please you. She isn’t trying to be nice. Instead, she’s here in full force, in a way that would make Janis Joplin (and Kris Kristofferson) proud. She channels both in some ways, yet you’ve got to mix in a little Nick Cave, some P.J. Harvey and some classical Indian music in the textural background behind the pounding bass line and drums. Shilpa Ray is pure woman. She’s a force to reckon with. And she’s bringing her cultural rock and roll to America – one club at a time. And yet she still loves fish, like every Bengali does, as do I.

– Duncan Alney

What would you do with $10 million?

I decided to do a story with real input via Facebook. So I posted the question and here’s the reactions. Clearly people are still focused on bigger things than themselves. Bravo!!

Passionati Question of the day: If you had $10 million dollars what would you do? Answers to be featured in a story!

Jenni Edwards 1. Pay off my debt/student loans. 2. Give away money to AIDS research. 3. Set up an annuity for living expenses. 4. Travel for a year or two. 5. Provide for my family/friends.

Bandana Singh I would help the ones I need to and then save some and spend some. Watch out now!

Lisa Mowry Trosien Right now, I’d definitely be giving a lot of it to Haiti.

Lisa Mowry Trosien As you eat your food, drink your clean water and rest your head on your pillow in your home tonight, think of the people of Haiti and say a prayer for their safety.

Tracy Shannon I’ve always had a soft spot for kids and there are so many worldwide who are in desperate need of help. I would probably start in China where girls are thrown out at birth – and i mean thrown out- like garbage! Too many places to start. How sad is that!

Justin Keller $1m – Buy a lighthouse. $1m – Travel around Europe and write a book. $2m – Assorted shenanigans. $1m – IRA. $5m – set up a fund to encourage rock and roll in the schools.

Andrea Webster Johnson $4M off the top goes to the tax man. Let’s be realistic. $4M invest to by food, wine, golf club memberships, annual cruise around the world and other basic living expenses (10% of investment income goes to help those who can’t afford it get an education). $1M house in the mountains. $1M house in the desert. Done.

R.J. Anthony Wall Truthfully I would first spend 2 years covering the globe and exploring as many cultures as I could. I would return to start an organic farm the sustained 2-3 bistro styled cafes that offered up cultural dishes from all over the world. I would try to employ ex-convicts and homeless individuals who are trying to make a positive change in their lives as that I have had success with this in the past. I would also purchase a Land Rover and a vintage Triumph.

Jean Claude Garay First I would get a tax lawyer so I didn’t get screwed on taxes. Then I would pay off all my debt. Then I would pay off the debt for my brothers and sisters but just to bring them up to zero. After that, they are on their own and my debt to them is done. I would set my daughter and grand daugher up with a trust fund. I would then donate a substantial amount to the chemistry Department at Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne. Then I would go back to work and be the biggest asshole at work. I would pay my coworkers to do shit for me and pay them to take time off with me to go hang out. I would declare that I would pay anyone’s salary for the rest of the year if they quit with me, to threaten the boss for minor things like flavored cream in the break room. I would have so much fun at work!

Angela Alney 10 milion! I would first and foremost take care of my loved ones to include giving my Mother her Dream house and Cadillac. Next I would put money into my business Air-Tan as it is my passion. Also contributing to preventing skin cancer (as this is the most deadliest form of cancer). I would save some money for the future. I would have to travel the globe, can’t really think of a place that I would not want to see. This would allow me to discover new yummy foods, music, art and culture.  Given my personality I would get bored after awhile if I was not contributing in some fashion so I would be trying to make a difference some where with (if there is any) the rest of the dough.

Serge Bhachu Take half and invest it in a few start-up companies, keep the other half in more conservative investments, and see how long it takes for me to grow it to 100M.

Tami L Siewruk 3/4 to Smith Barney and the remaining 1/4 I would give to my team

Jennifer Wallace Chapman I’d give a lot of it to charities involving children. Compassion is one we support now by sponsoring a child. I’d also like to start some sort of house for women who are trying to get back on thier feet after tragedies/abuse or just life in general…especially women with children. I would also give a big portion of it to fund books in schools where they have a big need. As an elementary teacher in a high poverty area, I see soooo many needs I would like to help with. I’d also do something selfish and pay off my student loans from grad school. I don’t want to live a wealthy life so I wouldn’t spend much on buying lots of things. I’d prefer to do something to make a difference.

Floyd Marie as much good as possible…then disappear…

Andrea Cranfill Kick start the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra’s endowment campaign

Lee Rodgers Pay off my mom and I’s bills. I’d then invest most of the remaining in Urban Revitalization Projects here in Indy.

Carissa Newton Take 1/4 and help a ton of kids, 1/4 secure school/money for my own kids, and finally take last 2/4 and sit on a beach.

– Duncan Alney