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New Moon Soundtrack Delivers Punch

Melodramatic mood is just right

After the early début of the New Moon Soundtrack in mid October, it hit number one on the Billboard Top 200 Chart and currently stands in the number ten spot. The early release was due to overwhelming and unprecedented demand by the fans. The success of the soundtrack is only a prelude to the even greater success the movie will probably have.

New Moon soundtrack delivers melodramatic mood

New Moon soundtrack delivers melodramatic mood

I had a chance to sit down and listen to the album. At first, I was weary, thinking that it was going to be full of big name mainstream bands, most of whom had no influence on the author when she wrote the books. I was afraid the soundtrack was just going to have anything on it as long as it kept feeding the cash cow that the sage has become. I was pleasantly surprised when I read the line-up of the bands on the soundtrack, and even more surprised when I listened to it. Death Cab for Cutie’s song Meet Me On the Equinox is a good opener, setting the mood for this vampirish ode to Romeo and Juliet.

The Thom Yorke song on the album, Hearing Damage, is a hypnotic, trance-like love song for teen angst that just draws you in. Another song that struck me was Possibility by Lykke Li, who is a Swedish indie singer. She was initially hesitant when approached to write a song for the soundtrack, but after seeing an early screening of the New Moon, she decided to write a song. The Bon Iver and St. Vincent song is another great addition to the soundtrack as well as the songs by the artist such as: OK Go, The Killers, and the somber instrumental ending by Alexander Desplat.

I think this soundtrack is made up of music that the characters in the book would actually listen to. This is music that the readers actually listen to. The album creates a good melodramatic mood for any teenager in the midst of a high school romance.

I am excited to go to the movie and see where they place the songs in the movie. I am happy to see they did keep the band the Muse on the soundtrack. The Muse are thanked at the end of every book by Stephanie Myers, so its only fitting they were on the soundtrack. Stephanie Myers had four bands she wanted for the soundtrack. The Muse was the only one they chose. Stephanie Myers said “she would have liked to have seen all her picks included on the soundtrack, but in the end the soundtrack is truly amazing, so I don’t have any complaints”.

– Lain Ewing

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