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Thank You! Thank You!

Celebrating 2 months!

We’re officially 2 months old, as of yesterday. September we were still getting organized. I’ve put together a little celebratory play list. Thank you to all the people that write, thank you to Greg Perez and Don Alney for constantly offering brilliant photos, thank you to my wife for allowing me to do this, thank you to all of you who read it, and to those I’ve forgotten to thank – there are too many of you. Thank you thank you thank you! The songs I’ve picked are old friends, some classics, some slightly off-beat, some just nuts. Enjoy the list and I love you all! We’ve got lots more coming – more opinion,  film suggestions, more food, more photography, and of course more music. We’ve even got a facebook fan page. Search Passionati on facebook!

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– Duncan Alney