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Introducing Hamel – jazzy, poppy, upbeat

Hamel’s light and tasty like a French-pressed Bali Blue Moon

Inimitable - Hamel is one of a kind.

Hamel defies categorization. Is it jazz or pop? Or both? Its got some Rat Pack and a bit of George Clooney marinated in. Here’s the surprising news – he’s dutch. Glad to see that there’s more than tulips, techno, and pot that’s getting Holland some word of mouth. This guy went to journalism school and dropped out (thank god!). He went to the one of the famous music conservatories and then worked as a high school music teacher – but you can’t keep a good man down. There is no easy way to describe his music or what it does to me. Its happy and upbeat. Check out the two songs here. “In Between” from “Nobody’s Tune” is immediately lovely and nostalgic and perfect for the spring days that lie ahead of us here in North America. Adieu for now!

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– Duncan Alney, Passionati