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Top Albums 2010 – our Q1 favorites

Who wants to wait till 2011 to find out about all the great music in 2010 so we’ve decided to release a list of our favorite albums of 2010 to date. Q1 was a good time to be listening! Here’s our picks along with a video/audio track for each. This doesn’t include anything released in April. If you think we’ve left something out. Please leave us a comment!

Albums to set you on fire - the best of 2010 so far

1. Interpreting the Masters Volume: A Tribute to Daryl Hall and John Oates – bird and the bee

2. Plastic Beach – the gorillaz

3. Broken Bells – broken bells

4. Scratch My Back – peter Gabriel

5. YES – k-os

6. Conditions – temper trap

7. Life is Sweet | Nice to Meet You – lightspeed champion

8. Talking To Me Talking To You – watson twins

9. Future Sons & Daughters – am

10. Soldier of Love – sade

11. Contra – vampire weekend

12. Heligoland – massive attack

13. Of the Blue Color of the sky – ok go

14. Teen Dream – beach house

– Duncan Alney

To order any of this music, please go to Luna Music! Click this link below.

Julian Casablancas: A portrait. No, really.

Known as the often drunk, interesting, Strokes man, Julian Casablancas has shed this mantle. He’s 31. He’s married. He’s got a kid. He’s got two dogs. And he’s got a new solo debut album, Phrazes for the Young, that he wrote and financed himself. It’s not what you might expect — complex and keyboard-heavy. And it’s catchy.

It will resonate in your head, long after you take the needle off the record. It’s been critically acclaimed (for good reason) and he’s been touring to support it. Standing inside the back office at Luna Music, last week, chatting on his phone, Julian looked uneffected by the line that curved around the block.

Clad in skin tight red leather pants, white high tops, black T, and an almost bomber looking brown jacket with his trade mark shaggy ’70s hairstyle, Casablancas is a lot of things. Johnny Depp could play him in a movie, or could have played him in a movie 15 years ago. All these people waiting for a glimpse, a signature, a smile and maybe a photo with the man. And let me tell you, Julian dispensed all of the above as if they were going out of style. “A picture with each of you?” he says to a group of shiny-eyed girls. There was no interview for Passionati, but 2 minutes for a photo before the crowds came in. I shot two frames. Here’s the one that I like.

Strokes front man - Julian Casablancas - promoting his solo debut at Luna Music, where community and music live. Photographed by Duncan Alney.

If you don’t know his music – this is tequila on the rocks. Don’t skimp. Buy the best you can. And do listen to “out of the blue”. Then you’ll know that Julian Casablancas has stolen your song, my song, our songs. And I’m not sure how he did it. But it’s a story I’ve lived, and know. Drink up baby. The song plays on.

– Duncan Alney

For our international Friends who can’t listen to Lala (bad Apple!)

To order any of this music, please go to Luna Music! Click this link below.

Music love lives at Grimey’s

I recently caught the Dynamites featuring Charles Walker at Luna Music, and I had the chance to interview Doyle Davis, the man behind Grimey’s. I’ve heard and read the buzz about Grimey’s so I decided to call Todd Robinson, founder of Luna Music (and Records) and a hyper-connected man musically. Here’s what he had to say (Grimey’s is )”Nashville’s de-facto Spot for music lovers record heads and great customer service. It’s the music city’s most fantastic hub for music knowledge and superlative musical selection. I mean Elvis Costello asked to sign records there, David Brynne has done signings there, Metallica did a secret concert recently and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. And of course they have “The Basement” which is a live music venue downstairs. So it pretty sweet what they do.”

It seemed appropriate to get the official Grimey’s point of view and so I called Anna, the general manager of Grimey’s, who said, “people operate under the assumption that the only music in Nashville is country or blue grass – while thats true – we have lots of local rock, jazz and funk bands, and grimey’s works to showcase the independent music or this country and internationally. Most of us find ourselves here is our common love for music and the community that surrounds music – song writers, musicians, producers and so on. We have in-stores all the time. You could say we’re enthusiastic about music here.”

So check out Grimey’s online and next time you’re in Nashville – you know where to go!