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Philadelphia knows how to party!

Magical Musical Marvelous Mummers

Philadelphia knows how to party. And on no day is that clearer than each January 1st, when scores of burly brutes (the same ones who normally pound cheese steaks and brews screaming E-A-G-L-E-S: EAGLES!!!) don themselves in bedazzled costume and clown face playing fantastic music while strutting down Broad Street in the Mummer’s Parade.

It’s quite a sight, and afterwards, everyone skips down to “Two Street” (the local term for the stretch of 2nd street between Washington and Oregon Avenues where many of the Mummer’s Clubhouses are located) to imbibe in the revelry and magic of a Philadelphia tradition started in the 17th century – and exclusive to our fair city.

Check out the pics below, and, next year, come experience the magical musical mayhem yourself!

"It's heavy," this Mummer said to me as I took his picture, "and the wind really sucks."

This beplumed Mummer stopped strutting to pose with fans along the parade route (at Spruce and Broad streets)

The Captain of each Mummer's Club is always out in front, the first one to strut!

Music and Marching

C6:Face mask for added effect

Feathers, sequins, saxophones, oh my!

Willing to Work

Slappin' the bass while struttin' the strut

Post-performance revelry on 15th and Locust streets

Mummers perform at the Judges Stand in front of City Hall as the wind whips up confetti

Three Mummers whoopin' it up after performing. They assured me that their solo cups "just had water in them."


Costumes often cost thousands of dollars...

Daddy Mummer, ready to party.

In front of the Mummers Museum on "Two Street" - party on, Philly!

Down on "Two Street" after the Parade, the real party begins.

– Kate Dalbey (Click Kate’s name to follow her adventures via twitter)