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The Watson Twins: groovy, soulful & evolved

The uber-talented Watson Twins doing what they do

I recently found The Watson Twins and can I say – I’m in love with their older stuff – layered, melodic, intricate harmonies. But the new work. Wow. Its a soulful new sound, an evolution, its fuller and less intricate – yet beautiful.

Here’s a very candid, yet quick interview with Chandra and Leigh Watson on the new record, their favorite cocktails and a very interesting Mona Lisa costume.

What is the new record about?

It’s about The Watson twins exploring their voices and pushing it to the next level. We definitely wanted to create a record that has more of a vibe. Our roots are in gospel and country, teetering into blues. But we’ve tapped into the soul portion of our sound, and the record is centered around the drums and bass, and creating a warm soulful sound for 42 minutes.

Who are you classic soul inspirations?

We keep learning about more and more soul singer. We stumbled across Sammi Smith’s – never been to spain, Very soulful voice and totally inspiring. Shirley Brown, Etta James, LaBelle Sisters, and the list goes on.

Where was the album written?

Chandra: Leigh and I write separately. We spent the year compiling these songs, and then 4 days in the High Sierra with our producers – flushing out the songs, working on arrangements with the peace of the mountains, no cells phones, no TVs – and recorded at Fairfax Studios and we did all analog. It’s been a pure rustic experience. But there were lots of bats.

Leigh: No tvs, no cell phones, lots of bats. We had the tennis racket and the bee keeper hat trying to get the bats out.

What do you now have in common with Pink Floyd?

The same mixing board for this new album was also used for The Wall – this is the same board EMI’s Abbey Road. It has its own life. The tape machine was used for the Beatles’ White Album.

What’s Modern Man about?

We have the same emotions as people did 500 years ago. We got inspired by films, and things in our imagination but we all connect through the same emotions. It’s a love song with a bit of fantasy.

Who dressed up as Mona Lisa at Harlaxton?

*thanks to our common friend Nikki Westfall who travelled with The Watson Twins in Europe in the 90’s.

Chandra: That was Leigh and an amazing costume. Its hard to do that out of suitcase when you’re travelling.

Leigh: About 20 minutes into the party, I realized that my arms and the frame were melded together so I couldnt really drink without the help of many friends and straws.

What’s each of your favorite drinks?

Chandra: Extra Dirty Kettle one in a rocks glass.

Leigh: Makers on the rocks

What are you listening to these days?

Listening to the new Corrine Bailey Rae, new Tegan and Sara, bossa nova kick lately as well so all the Gilbertos.

Duncan’s note: the first two have been featured on Passionati lately. Also here are two tracks from the album. Enjoy. To order the album click the green Luna box below – they are Passionati’s official record store partner. More to come on this soon!

– Duncan Alney

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