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Norwegian Recycling: Ben is chasing beautiful girls


So my friend Meg Biallas turned me on to this. It was featured on NPR’s website. What’s cool is that they take these cliched songs and the mash up actually makes them interesting again by splicing the musical dna together in an unexpected way.

Erin Sullivan notes: Norwegian Recycling mashes up songs across all genres of music.  No matter what type of sound you crave, one of NR’s masterpieces will tickle your fancy.  The man behind the madness is Peter Bull, age 25 hailing from, you guessed it, Norway. With the use of an assortment of equipment and software, sounds collide making the same old tunes new again with a “must listen” twist.

The songs in the mash up are: Beatiful Girls by Sean Kingston, Stand By Me by Ben E. King, Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol, Back in My LIfe by Alice Deejay, Beverly Hills 90210 opening theme, and I’ll be Missing You by Puff Daddy featuring Faith Evans.