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Ringo Starr Featuring Paul McCartney: Walk with you

Ringo starr passionato

“Walk With You” is a moving, even spiritual meditation about the lasting power of friendship, and McCartney’s inspired participation on the track was a testament to McCartney’s generosity of spirit and musical talent. “Paul was doing the Grammys, so he came over to the house and was playing bass on `Peace Dream.” So I played him this other track and Paul said, `Give me the headphones. Give me a pair of cans.’  And he went to the mike and he just invented that part where he follows on my vocal. That was all Paul McCartney, and there could be nothing better.  He makes it bigger and he makes it fuller. It makes the song like a conversation between us, and that was Paul’s idea to do his part one beat behind me. That’s why he’s a gen-i-us and an incredible bass player.” – From

– Duncan Alney