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Pete Yorn, in person.

Pete & Scarlett
Ok first, play this song and then read on.

Earlier this week, the mid-afternoon drag came creeping up on me, and I started thinking about a nice latte at my favorite coffee shop. I’m walking in to the place and who should be sitting right in front of me – reading the paper. Pete Yorn. Dark brown blazer, jeans, cool kicks, unkempt in that oh-so-hip way.

Before I could think of a suitable introduction, I heard my voice “Mr. Yorn! Wow! Right here in our coffee shop!” How could I have possibly called him Mr. Yorn? He looked up, seemingly tired and fighting a cold (which I found out later) – “Yes?”. We ended up talked for a bit. Turns out he’s friends with Robert Francis who we just interviewed a couple of weeks ago.

So what’s Pete Yorn like in person? He’s casually stylish, non-chalant, and disarmingly nice (as nice as he could be – being interrupted by a bright eyed, earnest um, person). We chatted about the new record “Breaking Up” with Scarlett Johanson. I ordered my drink – iced red tea – which the lovely baristas had to brew for me from scratch and then ice down. So I left for a quick walk. I returned to get my drink and I was picking it up I noticed that “Mr. Yorn” was leaving. He glanced over, smiled and said “see you later, Duncan”. I waved back and said bye. Here’s a toast to “Mr. Yorn” and his new album “Break Up”  with Scarlett Johanson, which is inspired by the 1960s duets of Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot.

Duncan Alney