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President’s Day: Kevin Darbro’s “President”

Kevin Darbro on his debut single “President”

Oh American Land of the We - from the song President by Kevin Darbro. (also a passionati fan)

This is a song about the game show that is politics and the process of running for President—told from the candidate’s perspective.

The song is heavy. It’s over the top. It’s probably based in my political science background, and the knowledge I gathered firsthand regarding how politics actually works.

Here’s an example: I went to a George Bush Senior rally at Ohio State University in 1988 during a campaign stop of his. As I was a Political Science major thinking about going to law school and eventually running for office, I couldn’t miss this event. I traveled to OSU with the Wittenberg University College Republicans. Yes, I was one of them. We’d made pro-Bush signs and the Ohio State people had made signs to wave as well. As I was there, and had met our counterparts at OSU and we all knew what signs we had.

Well, somehow, at the actual event and minutes before President Bush took the stage, somehow a multitude of handmade signs flowed into the crowd of students. These were designed to look like college kids had made them with markers and the like. But, we didn’t. It was all orchestrated to make it look like the entire crowd was fervently supportive of the candidate. Things that make you go “hmmm”, indeed. After the signs, a sea of small American flags emanated from seemingly nowhere. As I unraveled my free, plastic stars and stripes to wave affixed to a wooden stick, I looked at the writing on the inseam. It read, “Made In Taiwan.”

It left an old glory hole in my heart.

I felt like I’d been randomly screwed by strangers my whole life.

That was the moment I decided to leave the pursuit of both law and politics. It sickened and saddened me. A little knowledge goes a long way.

So, weary of the antics and fervor of the 2008 Presidential Election, and being a strong supporter of the potential President Obama, I felt I had to write this song. I wanted to call attention to the hoopla and madness that surrounds the presidential election and I hired the best sonic Jedi Master I knew, Dick Hodgin at Osceola Studios in Raleigh, to produce it. So, the sound is really his vision, and I’m eternally grateful to him for the result.

Of course its pro-Obama. And even though I support the President, there’s something about running for President and being President that is pretty surreal. There is tremendous ego involved. McCain made an easy target, and essentially, this song is a tale told from what I imagined was his perspective. But at the end, the voice of the song deliberately changes to a universal voice of we the people. The us. The everyman and everywoman. It’s our country, not theirs.

Odd mess, America,

What you could be.

Odd mess, America,

Land of the We.

Vocals/Guitar/BU Vox – Kevin Darbro

Bass – Michael Foxmann

Drums – Bill Eagan

Hammond Organ – Chad Barger

Choir – Bill and Bonnie Nichols, Ann Marie Thomas, Phil Abruscato, Kevin Darbro

Produced by: – Dick Hodgin at Osceola Studios in Raleigh

Video footage culled from YouTube and various sources.

Kevin Darbro lives and works in North Carolina.