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Rihanna’s “Man Down” gets blasted

Didn’t Bob Marley write about shooting the sherriff? The Dixie Chicks had “Goodbye Earle”. But Rihanna is drawing fire because she is a celebrity and a role model to young girls? Please. There’s a lot of violence in a lot of places. This is just sensationalism. Surprised that Tipper Gore hasn’t chimed in yet.

Here’s  what ABC News had to say –

The Parents Television Council is condemning Rihanna’s latest music video, saying it depicts the singer in an “implied rape scene with a man whom she later guns down in an act of premeditated murder.”

The opening scene of the singer’s “Man Down” music video shows her gunning down her alleged rapist in a crowded public space and then leaving the scene.

“Rihanna’s personal story and status as a celebrity superstar provided a golden opportunity for the singer to send an important message to female victims of rape and domestic violence,” said Melissa Henson, director of communications and public education for the Parents Television Council in a news release. “Instead of telling victims they should seek help, Rihanna released a music video that gives retaliation in the form of premeditated murder the imprimatur of acceptability.”

Rihanna: Prince mash up is sexy’n’funky

Club Clique has mixed unreleased “Sexuality” by Rihanna with the purple one’s (Prince) “Controversy” – it sounds funky and that’s a good thing. It’s everything I like in a dance song – it’s funky, groovy, dirty, and sticky. This rivals Prince’s outings with Appolonia Six and Shelia E. When it comes to Prince and Rihanna, what’s next? I have no idea. But if this is any indication, I’m lookin’ forward to it.

Rihanna Vs. Prince – Sexxtroversy (Clique Re-take) by Club Clique