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Miike Snow: Stuart Price & “The Rabbit”

A revamped version of Miike Snow’s “The Rabbit” produced by Jacques Lu Cont, er I mean Stuart Price, again. Hopefully you checked out the track from SS earlier this week from the artist sometimes known as Thin White Duke. I love what he does to songs I’ve already heard. There’s a new video for “The Rabbit”. The track just has the vibe that takes it to the next level – danceable, infectious, and sexy. So, pour yourself a glass of Prosecco. This is your time.

Scissor Sisters: Fire with Fire

Scissor Sisters first single Fire with Fire, produced by Stuart Price, might get you to slip on your dancin shoes.

Of course it sounds familiar, it’s the Scissor Sisters. Yeah, but listen a little closer and there’s a deep synth sound that can only have been inspired by the 80’s. Think Pet Shop Boys and Human League. That’s because the new SS album has been produced by Stuart Price. You might know his work under the moniker Jacques Lu Cont or Thin White Duke. He’s produced Madonna, The Killers, New Order, Kylie Minogue, Seal and Missy Elliot to name a few. The SS new album is due out on June 20. Get ready. This song requires a Ciroc and tonic with a few blackberries for later. Drink up!

BTW there’s a remix and the new video posted here!