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Ted Russell Kamp’s “Song Writer” Play List


"I've focused this list on songwriters" - Ted Kamp Russell

We recently featured an interview with Ted Russell Kamp and his dark, acapella, spare rendition of “Crazy”.  I asked Ted if he’d send us a play list. Here’s the playlist which focuses more on his song writer inspirations. “I was thinking about being more eclectic and including classic country or blues or jazz, but I focused on the songwriter’s (which I am truly glad to do) because of the nature of your piece.” The only track that is missing is “I’ve got a feeling” by the Beatles because it isn’t available on LaLa. Check out this list – I’m listening to it now! – Duncan Alney

Is Ted Russell Kamp channelling Kris Kristofferson and Gram Parsons?

Either way its very good

I met Ted Russell Kamp earlier today. While I’d heard the name associated with Shooter Jennings before, I’d never had the chance to check out his music. Ted and I had made plans to meet up around 11 p.m. to have some sake and talk more. I did a couple of searches and was pretty much blown away immediately. His cover of the Gnarls Barkley track “Crazy” really works – its dark, spare, and full of blue-eyed soul, not to mention the a cappella wall of Ted singing different parts (it’ll stop you in your tracks). Ted spends 6 months of the year touring with Shooter, but when he’s not touring he’s recording and putting out records (he’s getting ready to tour Europe in early 2010).

While listening to some of Ted’s recent work, I couldn’t help thinking of Kris Kristofferson and Gram Parsons – both heroes of mine, and hugely influential in their contributions to the american music. Of the “Divisidaro” record, Gypsy’s Tune, Close your eyes Maria, and Looking for someone (a duet with the legendary Jessie Coulter) are all moving tracks that gave me a real sense that Ted’s singing about things he really knows. The newer record “Poor Man’s Blues” has a song Player Piano that is engaging to say the least.

Ted’s a handsome guy, down-to-earth, and a real thinker. Some of his fans joined us as well – Stacy, Katie, and Josh McCullough – all from Anderson and it was fun to be in the mix with Ted and the McCulloughs. The conversation ranged from patriotism to Shooter’s shoes to living on the coasts. I had a blast doing the interview. I hope you enjoy it.