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Teeth: a short film

He who bites last…

I think you’re going to love this short film. Two old friends go fishing. One of them, feeling a little under the weather, sneezes and loses his teeth overboard. His friend finds this hilarious and to add to his good cheer he lands an enormous fish. Capitalising on his friends misfortune he plays a prank that backfires badly leaving the pair miserable and toothless. Be ready to LOL! Some fun trivia: The actor Niall O’Brien is the director, Ruairi O’Brien’s, father.

Teeth was co-directed by John Kennedy & Ruairi O’Brien and produced by Noreen Donohoe of Divamedia in association with The Irish Film Board. The film also features original music by Giles Packham and was shot on location at the Wicklow Mountains National Park, Glendalough, Ireland.

Teeth passionati

Director of Photography Ruairí O’Brien