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The Antler’s Hospice is for the adventurous listener

Chris Huffman on The Antlers

Chris Huffman spotlights The Antlers

Hospice – [hos-pis] – noun
1. a house of shelter or rest for pilgrims, strangers, etc.
2. a program of care and support for the terminally ill at home.

In a literal sense, the debut album from The Antlers* fits the second definition of the word ‘Hospice’. Fortunately for it’s listeners, the act of listening to the record is figuratively more akin to the first.

Give the track Kettering a listen.

‘Hospice’ is a shelter. Welcoming you in with the opening ‘Prologue’, embracing you in a solemn swirl of dissonance. The jingling march of ‘Two’ and the pop-driven ‘Bear’ are anthemic peaks to the slow, somber valleys of ‘Kettering’ and ‘Wake’.

Like medical hospice provides a dignified release for the sick and dying, The Antlers’ ‘Hospice’ provides a fifty-two minute release for the listener (a stranger). The album rises and falls, rattles and whispers, striking with deep, emotional lyrics that emerge out of the music.

For the adventurous listener, ‘Hospice’ is one of the best albums of last year. Don’t miss it.

Chris Huffman is an interactive designer and art director. He collects maps and swag, loves all things melodic. He’s the principal at