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Valentine’s Day: In Rotation Mix 2/13/10

Albatros by Besnard Lakes

Happy Valentine’s Day Everybody! Here’s this week’s In Rotation Playlist. There’s some cool new stuff and as usual a couple of gems from the past. This week my friend Justin Keller welcomed me to my new favorite album, and it just might be that, The Beach House’s “Teen Dream” is just gorgeous. There are so many great tracks on here. I’ve been listening to the new Sade album. How does that woman stay looking so young and beautiful? Thanks for Keenan for recommending the Julian Casablancas album (he’s also in the Strokes). Love love love the AM track. You’ll notice a Patsy Cline number in here – and although Jim Reeves has billing – where is he? There’s the reappearance of Spice 1 and a remixed Luniz track. Not to mention two songs from the Valentine’s Day soundtrack. Of course, there’s the Broken Bell track – uber-talented Danger Mouse (Gnarls Barkley, Gorillaz’s “Demon Days” and Beck’s “Modern Guilt”) collaborating with The Shins frontman James Mercer – its a soft-rock electronica milk shake!

Lastly, the video for “We are the world” part 2 – it will move you! I love to see talented people coming together for a greater cause. Download the song. Support the people of Haiti!

Enough of this, listen to the mix. Kiss someone you love. Hug someone you like. Call someone that loves you forever. Be sweet to yourself.

– Duncan

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The Watson Twins: 10 songs we can’t live without

To celebrate the new album, Talking to you, Talking to me, we have the follow up story to the interview with The Watson Twins.

It’s the 10 song they can’t live without!

Song the Watson Twins cannot live without. Hello?

  1. Sammi Smith “Never Been To Spain” – I heard her version recently and was blown away by her soulfulness, the perfect part of GREAT country music, SOUL.
  2. Etta James “Stop the Wedding”- “don’t do it, don’t break 2 hearts” amazing!
  3. M.Ward, Vic Chesnutt & Howe Gelb “Way It Goes”- An Alelandro Escovedo tune covered swimmingly by 2 of my favorite voices. Vic, you are missed.
  4. Tegan & Sara “On Directing”- Loving this song so much, twins are cool.
  5. Francoise Hardy “Le Premier Bonheur Du Jour”- The mood of this song is perfect.  It always puts me at ease.
  6. Cat Power “New York, New York”- We started a TWT tradition, when we roll into NYC, we play this jam.
  7. Santo & Johnny “Sleepwalk”- slow dance anyone?
  8. Bob Dylan “If Not for You”- This song is a prefect love song, the lighter side of Dylan… man has some serious dimensions.
  9. Carl Perkins “Honey Don’t”- Since my last visit to Memphis, Carl found his way into my heart.
  10. George Jones “He Stopped Loving Her Today”- His voice is one of my ALL TIME FAVORiTES!  This song puts a tear in my beer every time.

– The Watson Twins

by The Watson Twins – Chandra and Leigh Watson

Editor’s note: Thanks to the Chandra and Leigh Watson for this list of songs that they can’t live without. We couldn’t track them all down, although we tried our best!

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Duncan’s “In Rotation” Playlist

In Rotation 1/31

So the emphasis, for this inaugural “in rotation” playlist, is on music that I’ve been checkin’ out. Even though this week’s list has some pretty well established acts on it (there’s some even newer stuff that I’m pretty excited about, but I want to listen a little longer before I put it on the list). This week’s list has some killer stuff on it. We’ll start with a classic old track from Leonard Cohen, “Dance Me To The End Of Love”, that I can’t seem to get enough of. You’ll want to check out Shilpa Ray’s “Beating St. Louis” and “The Devil In You” from The Watson Twins (both of who, of course, I had the pleasure of interviewing recently, not to mention that The Watson Twins are droppin’ a new album in a couple of weeks). Ringo Starr’s “Walk With You”, with the amazing impromptu chorus back up vocals by Paul McCartney, “Always On My Mind” by Elvis Presley from Elvis 75, and Freedy Johston’s “Don’t Fall In Love With A Lonely Girl” are all solid tracks. And to round it out, “Don’t Make ‘Em Like U No More” from Ruben Studdard, “Another Likely Story” from Au Revoir Simone, “Run” from Vampire Weekend (which is deeply reminiscent of Paul Simon’s Graceland), and “I Want You So Bad I Can’t Breathe” from OK Go (which I effin’ love for all kinds of reasons). Check it out baby!

– Duncan

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The Watson Twins: groovy, soulful & evolved

The uber-talented Watson Twins doing what they do

I recently found The Watson Twins and can I say – I’m in love with their older stuff – layered, melodic, intricate harmonies. But the new work. Wow. Its a soulful new sound, an evolution, its fuller and less intricate – yet beautiful.

Here’s a very candid, yet quick interview with Chandra and Leigh Watson on the new record, their favorite cocktails and a very interesting Mona Lisa costume.

What is the new record about?

It’s about The Watson twins exploring their voices and pushing it to the next level. We definitely wanted to create a record that has more of a vibe. Our roots are in gospel and country, teetering into blues. But we’ve tapped into the soul portion of our sound, and the record is centered around the drums and bass, and creating a warm soulful sound for 42 minutes.

Who are you classic soul inspirations?

We keep learning about more and more soul singer. We stumbled across Sammi Smith’s – never been to spain, Very soulful voice and totally inspiring. Shirley Brown, Etta James, LaBelle Sisters, and the list goes on.

Where was the album written?

Chandra: Leigh and I write separately. We spent the year compiling these songs, and then 4 days in the High Sierra with our producers – flushing out the songs, working on arrangements with the peace of the mountains, no cells phones, no TVs – and recorded at Fairfax Studios and we did all analog. It’s been a pure rustic experience. But there were lots of bats.

Leigh: No tvs, no cell phones, lots of bats. We had the tennis racket and the bee keeper hat trying to get the bats out.

What do you now have in common with Pink Floyd?

The same mixing board for this new album was also used for The Wall – this is the same board EMI’s Abbey Road. It has its own life. The tape machine was used for the Beatles’ White Album.

What’s Modern Man about?

We have the same emotions as people did 500 years ago. We got inspired by films, and things in our imagination but we all connect through the same emotions. It’s a love song with a bit of fantasy.

Who dressed up as Mona Lisa at Harlaxton?

*thanks to our common friend Nikki Westfall who travelled with The Watson Twins in Europe in the 90’s.

Chandra: That was Leigh and an amazing costume. Its hard to do that out of suitcase when you’re travelling.

Leigh: About 20 minutes into the party, I realized that my arms and the frame were melded together so I couldnt really drink without the help of many friends and straws.

What’s each of your favorite drinks?

Chandra: Extra Dirty Kettle one in a rocks glass.

Leigh: Makers on the rocks

What are you listening to these days?

Listening to the new Corrine Bailey Rae, new Tegan and Sara, bossa nova kick lately as well so all the Gilbertos.

Duncan’s note: the first two have been featured on Passionati lately. Also here are two tracks from the album. Enjoy. To order the album click the green Luna box below – they are Passionati’s official record store partner. More to come on this soon!

– Duncan Alney

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