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the xx: live

Sometimes words aren’t necessary. here’s the XX. Intro and Crystalized. Live. Translucent. Electrifying.

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The xx arrive in Bloomington today with a whole new sound of love, loss and longing.  Gingerly dodging the storm cloud of hype hysteria that plagues seemingly every other new buzz act of the moment, The XX are edging into our hearts. Here’s the video for the intro song “VCR”. My friend Todd Robinson says this was his favorite record of 2009 – for the rest of that means its still cool to be lovin’ this in 2010. The intro, into VCR, evokes a quitely emphatic tower-block cavalcade reminiscent of post-rock take on Mike Skinner’s first work, punctured before long by twinkling bedroom guitar whispers born from a monochrome palette and what the album’s producer terms “A belief that all space doesn’t need to be filled.” Sip this slowly on ice.

– Duncan Alney

To order any of this music, please go to Luna Music! Click this link below.

The xx: Crystalized

Are you ready for The xx’s quiet revolution: the time it will be webized

the xx passionati

The xx has kicked my ass. It’s been a long time since I heard something that stopped me from doing anything else.  They’re getting buzz for doing something so strange in the music world these days – making frickin’ beautiful gimmick-free music. They’re not relying on slick production values, overly styled fashion, in-your-face Kardashian antics, or sultry dance moves. They’re a failure on all those fronts yet their music is quietly invasive, non-chalantly seductive, and appealing (with their arrangements, melodies, and thematic choices). You’re going to hear a lot more from me about The xx. The guitar is heavily reminiscent of The Cure and the ambient elemental sound of Jesus & Mary Chain, yet they’re soulful and list R&B as a significant influence (including a killer cover of Aaliyah’s “Hot like fire”).

Nuff now check out the videos of the track “Crystalized”.

– Duncan Alney