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Emily Pinkerton: transnational & essential Andean alt-country

“I’ve lived around my true passions”

Emily Pinkerton's music influences range for Valparaiso, USA to Valparaiso, Chile

Emily Pinkerton marches to the sound of her own drum, or Guitarrón that is. She’s designed a life that is based on her true passions – music and languages. In addition to her significant accomplishments, she’s friendly, layered, and oh-so-easy to talk to. And this is a woman who’s performed with the Chieftans and Alejandro Escovedo to name a few, and has toured in both North and South America appearing at venues such as SXSW (TX), Sala América (Chile), Kamikaze (Peru), and Makor (NY). Grab some bourbon, sit back and enjoy the flight!

– Duncan Alney