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Unpublished Lady Ga Ga Photos by Greg Perez

Lady Gaga makes for dramatic photography

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Who? Lady Gaga that’s who. She’s on Akon’s label, Kon Live (under the auspices of Interscope). These unpublished photos were shot by Greg Perez, a frequent Passionati contributor, fashion and rock’n’roll photographer, uncomprising artiste, and beautiful person. Enjoy!

Lady Gaga (c) Greg Perez

Lady Gaga (c) Greg Perez


Greg Perez is a Cuban-American. He’s the happiest guy I know. Invested in his work 100%, he’s a process photographer. Painstaking in his approach, and committed to aesthetics and bringing his value system to his images. Greg Perez is on the rise.

– Duncan Alney