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Bride in (Winter) Wonderland

Greg Perez is back with some icy cold hotness

Winter Wonderland by Greg Perez

Winter Wonderland by Greg Perez

I was given the task to shoot an ad for an upcoming bridal show in January. The challenge was to create an image off the name of the show “2010 Winter Wonderland Bridal Show”. The process: Selecting the right dress to fit the theme Finding the right model to fit and tell the story.

Photography by Greg Perez; Art director: Josh Perez; Assistant/ 2nd photographer: Jeff Schilling


Greg Perez is a Cuban-American. He’s the happiest guy I know. Invested in his work 100%, he’s a process photographer. Painstaking in his approach, and committed to aesthetics and bringing his value system to his images. Greg Perez is on the rise.