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Xmas Day 2009 note and play list


I didn’t get to see my mama and daddy for christmas this year. And my wife didn’t get to see her family either. She and I spent the day together. We did the simple things. We ate together with a close friend. We laughed. We talked on the phone and Skyped. We listened to music. We watched a film. We napped. We played with our cats. In a year, highlighted by personal challenges with health and the economy, I’ve recognized once more how insignificant one really is in this massive stream of humanity and life. That the moments mean more than the whole year does sometimes. I’m also careful not to give into revisionist thinking. Things are what they are. And, yet again, it becomes clear, that we Americans don’t make enough time for our families or for ourselves. I’m sure you’ve got a lot on your mind. I’m writing this in the light of a christmas tree. I wish we had world peace. I wish there was no hunger. I wish I could see my family. It could be a lot worse – I’m happy for all I have and for the people in my life. That’s where this list of songs is coming from. Please take care of yourself. And remember somebody loves you very much.

– Duncan Alney