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In Person: Joey V

Joe Vuskovich: the essential bon vivant

Joe Vuskovich: the essential bon vivant

Joe Vuskovich

Joe is the quintessential bon-vivant & lover of humanity. Beyond the brand called Joe – there’s a man. Optimistic, passionate, quietly contemplative, humble, and with the power to spread joy around him.

– Photo and story by Duncan Alney

Despite living and working in social media, I’m still significantly driven by people I know in person. Whether it’s the subtle nuances of their eyes or how they own a room when they walk into it, it’s their personal charisma that I love – regardless of whether it’s high or low profile. Here’s the first group of people I know, presented how I see them. They’re people I admire or love, in their own way. The images were selected to tie in specifically to how I see each of them, individually.